Sea sighting - the 'serene' sea turtle

Sea turtle.
Image: J. Browne

CReefs participants Jo Browne and Kade Mills were out snorkelling around Mangrove Beach and Watsons Bay this week when they were lucky enough to see many people's favourite marine animal – the sea turtle.

 Jo and Kade say that they saw one turtle at each snorkelling spot. Sea turtles are generally not social animals so divers tend to see them swimming alone.
Sea turtles may be carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous.

"The one at Watsons Bay was feeding on the sea grass; it was just swimming along and eating," Jo says.

"They're a favourite with divers as they are so serene - they swim along so gracefully," she says. Kade says that although there are quite a few around Lizard Island, they can be quite random sightings.

"Sometimes you see them quite frequently then other times you go looking for them and you never see them," Kade says.

"Some will just swim around you; the one at Mangrove Beach just kept swimming circles around me. They're not too bothered by you unless you start swimming after them. If you stay in one spot they get quite curious and come around to have a look," Kade says.