Researchers' roundup

Sunshine under the Heron Island pier.
Image: Angus Livingston.


Thursday 11 September 2008
Our reporter, Angus Livingston, was keen to find out what the Heron Island team thought of the trip. So, like all good reporters, he did a vox pop.
What have you enjoyed, or found the most interesting, on this trip?
"I'm amazed by the diversity of life here. You can look anywhere – there's just life everywhere." Zamaria Rocio
"I saw a manta ray and I don't think I've ever seen a manta ray before. This one was really big." Florent Angly
"I'm learning from everyone here. They've got so much knowledge about what's down there and they're all so passionate about it." Michelle Vardy
"This is the eighth or ninth scientific expedition I've been on, and this is the most cohesive group I've ever encountered. This has been the easiest group of people to get along with." Rick Morris
"I did get excited when we went out to see a reef at low tide and there were sharks in the water and heaps of turtles stranded on the reef. That would probably be a highlight." David Vize
"The sea-whip forest was the most interesting thing I've seen so far," Merrick Ekins
"I liked being able to dive in beautiful visibility. Any visibility is great." Gavin Dally
"I thought it was good we could help out some unexpected visitors we came across out on the water." Shawn Smith
"My favourite part of this trip was working with a great bunch of people. They're a fantastic group to work with." Steven Gregg
"I'm happy to be here, there's a lot to shoot – just not enough hours in the day." Gary Cranitch
"Each expedition is new in surprising ways." Julian Caley
"I enjoyed the perfect dive in the sea-whip forest, 28m down. There were soft corals and fans everywhere." Monika Schlacher
"Finding the new specimen of seaweed – the pseudocodium – in the channel, down 30m, was pretty exciting." John Huisman
"I enjoyed very much working in Australia. The way people work here and the general atmosphere is excellent." Laetitia Plaisance
"It was my first time on Heron Island and I was amazed with the biodiversity, the beauty of the coral reefs, the fact that the corals are exposed to the air at low tide, which is something very unique, and the pristine condition of the environment." Fred Gurgel
"I enjoyed working with the scientists, and the excellent dive team." Trish Hendriks
"Apart from the wonderful camaraderie of my fellow scientists, I found the sea urchins most interesting." Ashley Miskelly
"Finding the codium in the channel, and seeing different things down there was great. It's a pretty special place." Rainbo Dixon
"We've found a good spread of species here. We will be adding a considerable amount of knowledge to the fauna of this area." Phil Bock