Heron Island expedition

Heron Island.
Image: DigitalGlobe.


The third Australian CReefs trip, to Heron Island in the southern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland coast, ran during September 2008.
It was the third in a series of three, 21-day expeditions at each Australian CReefs location this year. The first was held in April this year to Lizard Island and the second in June to Ningaloo Reef.
Scientists on the expeditions use a variety of sampling methods in a wide range of habitats to sample species associated with coral reefs that have not previously been well sampled.
These organisms will be identified to operational taxonomic units (OTU) in the field and to species where possible. Follow up analyses will include the description and naming of new species.
Data collected from these expeditions will be globally distributed and publicly available through the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) and incorporated into the EOL. In addition to these data, CReefs is working to identify high value data sets and to make them available to the public by facilitating them being served through OBIS.

List of participants

Polychaetes Gavin Dally (Museum and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory)
Echinoderms Ashley Miskelly (Independent)
Sort Corals and Gorgonians Merrick Ekins (Queensland Museum)
Sort Corals and Gorgonians Monika Schlacher (Queensland Museum)
Sort Corals and Gorgonians Patricia Hendriks (Queensland Museum)
Macroalgae Fred Gurgel (University of Adelaide)
Algae and Seagrasses John Huisman (Murdoch University)
Algae and Seagrasses Rainbo Dixon (Murdoch University)
Bryozoans Phil Bock (Museum Victoria (associate))
Molecular taxonomy/barcoding Laetitia Plaisance (Smithsonian Institution)
Marine Microbiology Florent Angly (San Diego State University)
Coxswain Steven Gregg (MAGNT)
Project Leader/diving support Julian Caley (AIMS)
Project Manager/coxswain/diving support Shawn Smith (AIMS)
Data manager Gavin Ericson (AIMS)
Chef Christos Rallis (Contractor)
Photographer Gary Cranitch (Queensland Museum)
Videographer Richard Morris (Contracted by Census of Marine Life)
Journalist Angus Livingston (Contractor)
BHP-Billiton employee David Vize (BHP-B)
BHP-Billiton employee Michelle Vardy (BHP-B)
ARMADA teacher Zamaria Rocio (Various San Diego schools)