Waypoint Winter 2015



Welcome from the AIMS CEO, John Gunn

I am delighted to invite you all to the 2015 Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) Open Day in Townsville, on Sunday June 14, 2015.

09 April: Roadmap to recovery for the world's reef fishes…where the magic number for fish is - one tonne

Maintaining no take zones for an unlimited time is challenging, as they can affect millions of people, especially in developing countries, who rely on fish for food and income.

17 April: Kimberley exploration - Scientific voyage to the deep sea

A month-long expedition to Scott Reef and the submerged shoals near the Kimberley coast on board the AIMS research vessel, Solander and the US-based Schmidt Ocean Institute’s vessel, Falkor.

Researcher Q & A: SeaSim experiments vital to understanding water quality

Adriana Humanes came to AIMS from Venezuela to study. She is a passionate advocate of the SeaSim and AIMS facilities. She talks about the ‘smartest aquarium in the world’...

Monitoring Darwin Harbour

Scientists from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) are monitoring the northern seabed this month in a comprehensive survey of the outer Darwin Harbour.

Photo story: Journey to Orpheus - Searching for a cure for black band disease

Dr David Bourne and Dr Yui Sato from AIMS travel annually with the NGO, Earthwatch, to Orpheus Island on the Great Barrier Reef. Their studies are important to finding a solution...