Introducing the North West Atlas

Introducing the North West Atlas

The Australian Institute of Marine Science is pleased to introduce the latest e-Atlas product, the North West Atlas. This online portal was created in response to the need for accessible and comprehensive information on environmental and socio-economic data pertaining to the greater North West region of Australia.

The Atlas is a wholly collaborative project between government organisations, researchers, industry and community groups. It includes access to interactive maps and spatial data, and highlights from the region’s most recent research. In addition, stakeholders can engage using social media and celebrate all that makes the region unique.

The North West Atlas is co-funded by AIMS and PTTEP Australasia (a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTTEP, the Thai national petroleum exploration and production company). It promotes the free and open exchange of information to support science, policy making, and public understanding of this diverse, remote region.

The North West Atlas and the Western Australia Marine Science Institute (WAMSI) websites contain comprehensive information regarding this exciting new portal to Australia’s marine north west region.