Waypoint Spring 2015



Welcome from the AIMS' CEO, John Gunn

Welcome from the AIMS' CEO, John Gunn

We are delighted to welcome, and look forward to working with, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, new Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, and the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia. I would also like to thank the outgoing Minister, the Hon Ian Macfarlane, for his support for AIMS while in the science portfolio.

We are excited to demonstrate how our work and leadership supports government, policymakers and communities – a role far beyond our tropical marine research activities.

An elegant example of this is the National Marine Science Plan, launched on 11 August 2015 by the Hon Ian Macfarlane, then Australian Government Minister for Industry and Science. AIMS played a leading role in developing the Plan, which seeks to ensure that Australia can meet the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities presented by our marine estate – and a blue economy that is already growing three times as fast as the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.

Another example is our role as convener of a recent meeting of the Indian Ocean Rim Association in Bali, we were able to bring together representatives from across the Indian Ocean region to discuss and encourage sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Our 30+ years of reef monitoring programs have identified long-term changes in coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef. In association with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, we lead the development of the Dredging Synthesis Report, which helps to confirm what is known and identify knowledge gaps about dredging.

Such knowledge and expertise was crucial in AIMS leading and coordinating the development of the Australian and Queensland Governments’ Reef 2050 Plan. The Plan seeks to protect and manage the Great Barrier Reef from 2015 to 2050.

We are also coordinating research that assesses the condition of the Browse Basin (off northwestern Australia) and the impacts of potential development.

We are delighted that our research supports Australia’s vast oceans and their vital contributions to our heritage, heart and economic future. This newsletter gives further examples of our work making a difference to Australia’s marine knowledge, awareness and policymaking.

Yours sincerely,

John Gunn