Welcome from AIMS CEO, John Gunn

Welcome from AIMS CEO, John Gunn

Dear Reader,

I am delighted to welcome you back to the AIMS quarterly newsletter, Waypoint, which we are re-launching this month.

The next ten years will be an important time for all of us working in the marine science community. Marine industries are projected to grow to approximately A$100 billion by 2025 with the expansion of current business and the development of new opportunities. We’ll also see significant population growth along our coastal fringe and face the challenges of balancing the use of our marine and coastal resources with a strong desire to keep our iconic marine ecosystems healthy. We are certainly working in an exciting sector.

The multidisciplinary nature of marine science, the geographic scale and connectedness of marine systems, as well as the complexity of the challenges facing our planet, mean that no one institution, company (even nation) can build the evidence base or tools required to fully define the solutions. Thus, collaborative projects, shared facilities and access to technology will become more important.

To this end, I am pleased to announce that the AIMS National Sea Simulator (SeaSim) at AIMS in Townsville is open for business.

I would like to invite individuals and groups from industry and the marine research community to submit expressions of interest in working with us in SeaSim. Built in 2013 under the Australian Government’s Super Science Marine and Climate Initiative, SeaSim enables scalable, short- to long-term, multi-variate experiments, using finely-tuned process control technology.

The proposal form can be found here as well as a brochure that describes SeaSim’s capabilities, and details about the bench fees. Our guidelines for access for external users can be found here and the terms sheet for the collaborative research agreement that will be finalised between AIMS and successful applicants can be downloaded here.

For more detail on SeaSim capabilities and how to access them, I invite you to contact, either: SeaSim Operations Manager, Craig Humphrey ( or AIMS Research Program Leader, Data and Technology Innovation, Dr Lyndon Llewellyn (

The closing date for this first round of proposals is 5pm Monday, 10th November, 2014.

I welcome you all and I look forward to working with you.

Yours sincerely,

John Gunn