Thursday Island Festival showcases eAtlas

Thursday Island Festival showcases eAtlas

Discovering the Torres Strait eAtlas on Thursday Island Photo: Kate Osborne

The cultures and colours of the communities of Torres Strait were on show in September.

The 2014 Winds of Zenadth Torres Strait festival on Thursday Island from 9-12 September was a perfect location to present the Torres Strait eatlas, an open access website for local communities and management staff to investigate and learn about environmental research in their region.

“The Torres Strait eAtlas is a valuable tool that will enhance community access to information about their environment, using an innovative website and an interactive mapping system for presenting environmental research and reference data,” said AIMS researcher, Eric Lawrey.

Decades of research have generated a large amount of data and information on Torres Strait ecosystems, and this information is available through the eAtlas website. It is funded by the Australian Government's National Environmental Research Program Tropical Ecosystems Hub and in-kind co-investment by the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. It is developed and hosted by AIMS.

The cultural festival is run every two years and brings together thousands of people from around Torres Strait.

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