Seminar Request Form
Please fill in the below form to request to have a seminar at the Australian Institute of Marine Science.
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    Duration of seminars is usually 1 hour. Be aware that AIMS works a nine-day fortnight, so Mondays and Fridays may see lower attendance. Typically, the best attended seminars are held between 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00hrs.
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  • Please note – this file can be converted to a pdf to prevent any changes. If you would like people to contact you after the presentation, please include a final slide with your contact information. The file will be stored on an internal server that is only accessible by AIMS employees.
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  • If yes, please notify them of the date/time of your seminar when it has been authorized so they can be on site and available to meet you at reception prior to your seminar time.

    If no, please list a few AIMS employees (at least one) you would be interested in having act as your sponser. If you are not in communication with anyone at AIMS, the seminar coordinator may contact you directly in order to assist you with this process.