Miller, Ian

Ian Miller

As a member of the Long Term Monitoring Program and under the direction of the task leader, plan, organise and undertake all work associated with the sub-project Broadscale Surveys of the Great Barrier Reef.

Contact Information

Phone (07) 4753 4471
Int +61-7-4753 4471


I obtained my BSc in Marine Biology/Zoology from JCU 1985. Upon completing my degree I worked as a Biology Technician at JCU before joining the AIMS Long Term Monitoring Program in 1989. I then completed a Masters Degree in Tropical Ecology also at JCU. I also completed a Diploma in Project Management in 2015. During my time at AIMS I have developed an in-depth knowledge of reef ecology. I have extensive experience in reef systems acquired working on many different projects and a wide range of research vessels (over 3000 days at sea) with over 3,000 hrs on scuba and have manta towed 1,000's km of reef edge. My expertise in coral reef ecology/monitoring is mainly from the Great Barrier Reef but also includes other parts of Australia (Western Australia, Torres Strait) and overseas (Asia, Pacific, Caribbean). I continue to pioneer new and improved techniques for measuring and monitoring reef health.


2015: Diploma Project Management

1994: MSc Tropical Ecology, James Cook University

1984: BSc Marine Biology/Zoology, James Cook University


As part of the Long Term Monitoring Program I co-ordinate the sub-project Broadscale Surveys of the Great Barrier Reef. This project involves systematic manta tow surveys of over one hundred reefs throughout the GBR. These surveys are designed to determine the pattern and extent of crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci) that remain a major management problem for coral reefs. I also contribute to other aspects of the monitoring program that captures the natural variability of coral and fish populations and documents the effects of other disturbances like, cyclones, disease and bleaching events.


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