Coleman, Greg

Greg Coleman

Systems Analyst
Research Services

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Telephone (07) 4753 4251

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AIMS Weather Stations


Manage the databases and associated systems for the Institute's spatial and temporal datasets.

Liaise with key stakeholders to design these systems and is responsible for ensuring their ongoing operation.

Greg Coleman has over twenty years experience managing databases and data systems. Greg has worked at AIMS since 1997. From 1993 to 1997 Greg worked at the Brisbane and Sydney offices of Security Mailing Services.

Greg's technical expertise is vast including experience with Java, Oracle, Postgres (including PostGIS), Tomcat Servers, Apache Web Server, Geoserver, Esri GIS tools, R, Matlab, Javascript, html, unix, windows, android.


1990-1992: Bachelor of Information Technology, University of Queensland


Manage some of the Institute's most significant scientific datasets including Weather Stations, Sensor Networks, Reef Monitoring, Ships of opportunity (underway) and temperature loggers. The systems handle automated data collection, manual data entry, quality control, data analysis, visualisation (maps and graphs) and data delivery. The systems are integrated with the AIMS metadata system and in many cases metadata is automatically generated. 

Primarily the data is stored in an Oracle database but PostGIS is used for spatial data. Most of the software is written in Java although R and Matlab are also used.


The following are some of the data products for which Greg is responsible.
AIMS Weather Stations and Sensor Networks

AIMS Long Term Monitoring Program

AIMS spatial data catalogue

AIMS Ships of Opportunity (Underway System)

AIMS temperature logger program,-17.51872&l0=aims_aims:AIMS%20-%20Temperature%20Loggers,ea_World_NE2-coast-cities-reefs_Baselayer