Townsville Floods

People Wellbeing

Townsville Flood Recovery Information and Resources

Before returning to disaster affected areas, ensure it is safe to do so, and you are prepared to stay safe and healthy during recovery. 

Information issued from the Queensland Government is available here.

Queensland Government - Health and Safety Advice on Returning to Flood Affected Buildings


More clean up advice here.


People needing assistance

Many of our friends and colleagues were impacted by the floods.  And in true AIMS’ spirit there are a number of people who have put their hands up, offering places to stay, pet minding, physical labour, etc.  If you can provide any assistance, then please add your details to the following list…For contact details and further information, please call John Chappell (0419 741 651) or Clare Bona (0427 742 743)


AIMS people who are offering temporary accommodation.  

For contact details and further information, please call John Chappell (0419 741 651) or Clare Bona (0427 742 743)


Cleaning Assistance

If you need help with cleaning up, temporary accommodation, etc… then just contact AIMS Recovery Team  or refer to the list of people able to provide assistance.  There is also a workgroup of AIMS and Spotless people who have volunteered to provide assistance.  Again, contact the AIMS Recovery Team or you can contact Scott Church (0438 788 790).


Special Leave

Special leave provisions will be available to staff who are unable to return to work once AIMS reopens.  Contact Paul O’Regan (0417 074 733) to discuss your circumstances and specific needs.


Commuter Cars

Let Mick Vaughan (0409 913 409) know if you have a commuter car in your possession, its rego number and that status of that vehicle. 


Importantly, DO NOT attempt to start a vehicle that has been flooded.  There is a risk that the airbags will deploy due to an electrical short.  The vehicle needs to be towed to a holding yard for assessment.  Again, contact Mick to organise this (0409 913 409).


Commuter Car Groups

With so many suburbs impacted by the floods and people living in temporary accommodation, some of our commuter car groups will be impacted.  Everyone will need to be patient as we shuffle the commuter cars groups about to accommodate this.  If you are in temporary accommodation when you return to work, then we need to know where you are so a vehicle can pick you up.  Please let Mick (0409 913 409) know as soon as possible of any temporary accommodation changes.


Access to PPE and Cleaning Materials

If you need gloves, safety glasses, cleaning supplies, etc, to assist with the clean-up, then AIMS will assist with paying for equipment.  Contact Scott Church (0438 788 790) or Simon Fleming (0477 139 393) from the Facilities and Supply Team.  Discuss your requirements with them.  They can even source the gear and deliver it to you.



Understandably, people will want to get in quick to start tidying up.  Please refer to the Insurance Tips provided by the Insurance Council of Australia.  They give some really good advice on what to do BEFORE starting the clean-up.  Most importantly, contact your insurer and take lots of photos.