Seeking Expressions of Interest:Commercialisation of Chondropsins

A chondropsin bearing sponge sourced from Australia by AIMS' Bioresources Library

AIMS is seeking expressions of interest for the commercialisation of chondropsins - a new therapeutic lead for human cancer and osteoclastic bone disease.


The chondropsins are a unique class of macrolide lactams found in marine sponges. They have demonstrated therapeutic potential in vitro as new treatments of human cancer and osteoclastic bone disease. Their mechanism of action is reported to be via selective inhibition of vacuolar H(+)-ATPases which are enzymes involved in cellular proton transport.

The chondropsins were discovered from sponge samples sourced from Australia by the Australian Institute of Marine Science's (AIMS) Bioresources Library. These samples were supplied to collaborators at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), one of the USA's National Institutes of Health (NIH), where anti-cancer screening was undertaken and the chondropsins were discovered.  

NIH applied for and was granted a series of patents covering the chondropsins technology. AIMS has recently secured a world-wide, exclusive, commercial licence over NIH's extensive patents portfolio relating to chondropsins. Having also the capability of sustainable large scale supply of these natural compounds, AIMS is in a unique position to support lead development research towards full commercialisation.  


Expressions of interest

AIMS is now seeking expressions of interest from potential partners and sub-licensees with appropriate expertise in drug-lead development to explore the therapeutic potential of this exciting discovery and its potential as a new drug candidate.  

Interested parties should contact the Bioresources Team at AIMS to progress their expression of interest. 


Additional information

Further non-confidential information can be found in the following linked documents:

A. Chondropsins: A Summary of the Science
B. Summary of the Exclusive Licence and Licensed Patents 
C. Terms and Conditions

Additional confidential information regarding further data and licence terms may be released to genuinely interested parties following entry into an appropriate Confidential Disclosure Agreement.


Closing Date

5pm (EDT) Friday 31 January 2014