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Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production sector in the world and the fastest growing primary industry in the Indo-pacific region.

Whereas wild fisheries harvesting is being rapidly placed within sustainable management regimes, aquaculture is the only environmentally sustainable means of meeting not only present demand but the long term trend in increasing global demand for seafood.

The value of the Australian aquaculture industry has trebled over the past 10 years and is now worth more than $700 million.

In northern Australia, tropical aquaculture is experiencing limited growth. AIMS' research effort is aimed at supporting sustainable marine aquaculture by identifying new products, closing life cycles to achieve full domestication and developing technologies to enhance production and minimise environmental impacts.

AIMS' state of the art tropical aquaculture facility is used to study the rearing of prawns, tropical rock lobsters, sponges and ornamental species for the marine aquarium trade.

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