Biodiscovery is the sourcing of native biological material including plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms to identify bioactive compounds genes, enzymes and other proteins that may be used for commercial purposes such as pharmaceuticals and insecticides. AIMS has been involved in biodiscovery for 15 years and has explored Australia's mega-marine biodiversity for attributes with commercial application. The cornerstone of AIMS' biodiscovery effort is its substantial marine bioresources library. This collection, which is constantly expanding through ongoing sample acquisition, has been sourced from over 1,500 sites across Australia.


Australia is party to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and AIMS is committed to ensuring that the acquisition and use of its collection is compliant with this international law. This combination of legal certainty with a biodiverse Australian marine collection curated for biodiscovery is unique to AIMS.

In addition AIMS boasts world class research facilities to analyse samples, a fleet of research vessels to support ongoing collection and recollection effort, plus a multi-disciplinary team of scientists.

AIMS seeks to continue its practice of establishing strategic collaborative links with outside partners, from industry, academia and other government agencies and research organisations. Such partnerships complement AIMS' own capability and enhance its biodiscovery effort to maximise the social, economical and environmental value of the biodiscovery represented in its collection.