$48 Billion Marine Industries

Australia's $48 billion marine industries are worth more to the nation than agriculture, according to analysis released this year by AIMS. Australia's marine industries include oil and gas exploration and extraction, tourism, fishing, boatbuilding, shipping, ports and numerous others.

Launched by then Chairman of the AIMS Council, Dr Ian Gould, the AIMS Index of Marine Industry valued Australia's marine industries for 2007-08 at $48.4 billion compared to $43.3 billion for the agricultural sector in the same period.

Dr Gould said: "The analysis shows Australia's marine industries make a major contribution to the economy. However this contribution is often unrecognised and undervalued - the aim of the marine index is to redress that.

"The first marine index was launched last year, and already the data shows a dramatic jump in the value of marine industries, up from $38 billion in 2006-07 to $48.4 billion in 2007-08."