The Centre for Marine Microbiology and Genetics Research will allow AIMS to build on existing biodiscovery expertise and effort which is geared to generating leads for development in healthcare, medicine and agricultural sectors. AIMS will facilitate access to its Bioresources Library for Queensland and Australian based biodiscovery programs, including engaging with the Queensland Compound Library at Griffith University's Eskitis Institute.

Facilities at the CMMG will provide the facility platform to examine means of producing lead compounds, for example through aquaculture, microbial fermentation or genetic expression, especially where leads emerge that are unsynthesisable or unable to be produced in sufficient quantities for lead development research


This new facility therefore constitutes a significant step forward in Queensland's capacity to develop useful and sustainable compounds from the marine environment. The Centre is an important complement to Queensland's growing biotechnological industry based initially on a projected growing contribution of marine bioresources to the biomedicinal sector.

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