Annual Report 2006-2007

AIMS Annual Report 2006-2007

The research reported herein is based on the early analyses of complex data sets and should not be considered definitive in all cases.

Institutions or individuals interested in all consequences or applications of the Institute's research are invited to contact the Director at the Townsville address given below.

The complete annual report is available from the Science Communication Service Group or downloadable in Adobe PDF files. ( See below )

Australian Institute of Marine Science

Headquarters - Cape Ferguson, Queensland

Postal address:
PMB No. 3
Townsville MC QLD 4810
Telephone:(07) 4753 4444
Facsimile:(07) 4772 5852

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AIMS Annual Report 2006-2007

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Complete Document
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Letter of Transmittal
About this report
About AIMS
Performance at a Glance

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Report of operations

Certificates of Report of Operations
Report from AIMS Chair, Dr Ian Gould
Report from AIMS CEO, Dr Ian Poiner
Contribution to National Research Priority Goals
Delivery of the Research Plan 2003-2006
Performance Measurement
(Achievements against Performance Indicators)
Role, Legislation and Minister
Staffing and Structure
Corporate Governance
Public Accountability
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Auditor General's Report

Financial Statements

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1. Legislative Foundation and Ministerial Powers
2. National Research Priorities
3. Performance Indicators
4. Science Publications 2006
5. AIMS Scientists' Membership of External
Committees and Non-government
6. Research Performance Assessment
7. Freedom of Information Statement

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Compliance Index
Alphabetical Index

(These topics are included in the Appendicesfile)

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November 12, 2007