AIMS provides leadership in tropical marine science and is committed to science quality and the effective transfer of research outputs to users of its research.

The impact of AIMS' research was assessed by Insight Economics in 2006 Marine Imprint: the crucial impact of 33 years of AIMS research in the public interest ) and found to be of high value to the Australian community.

Ongoing evaluation of performance is key to maintaining the Institute's contribution to the national innovation system and AIMS has established systems for developing, managing and assessing the research portfolio.

At the operational level, research teams are responsible for achieving research goals that have been identified and agreed with stakeholders as valid contributions to the intended outcomes.

Team activities to deliver these outcomes are described in implementation/operational plans against which teams prepare annual reports of progress and achievements.

Assessment involves regular monitoring and assessment of team performance against internal AIMS milestones and periodic external expert review.

The integration of regular reporting and evaluation into AIMS' planning provides a mechanism for ongoing review of performance and effective allocation of resources.

Taken together, AIMS' performance management system allows monitoring and evaluation on the effectiveness of the Institute's research and performance in relation to quality, leadership, relevance, and efficiency.

AIMS' system of evaluation includes:

  • Annual assessment and reporting of performance against performance indicators. These indicators have been agreed between the Australian Government and the Institute as part of its Funding Agreement. Performance against the indicators is reported each year in AIMS' Annual Report and demonstrates ongoing productivity and the relevance and impact of the Institute's research;

  • Regular submission of research findings to external review by peers in science publications. AIMS continues to be recognised for its leadership and expertise in tropical marine science and has been consistently ranked in the top one per cent of research institutions in the world in the fields of Environment and Ecology, and Plant and Animal Science, based on journal citations. Independent assessment of AIMS citation impact by Thomson ISI demonstrates the quality and research impact of AIMS journal publications.

  • The annual cycle of staff performance appraisal. The annual performance agreement for staff provides a framework for effective performance management, through clear communication of work requirements, alignment of corporate and individual goals and regular performance feedback; and

  • External, expert review of research teams. Expert reviews provide independent, discipline-relevant assessment of AIMS' research performance. The review provides assessment of science quality and user impact. [link to public document - ASST]