AIMS Data Innovation Infrastructure

A software platform that leverages AIMS’ expertise in data science and visualisation to create applications that transform and improve business operations and value add to research outcomes.


Built to connect data, business processes and analysis pipelines with data science and data analytics applications

Connect data sources

Collect key data from sensors and processes and stream it to the infrastructure

Implement services

Leverage services to focus on solving problems for stakeholders

Deliver tools and applications

Use the infrastructure to build services and end-to-end apps

Combine services to create powerful applications that add value for our stakeholders

Data Management

Data management

Archive and catalogue data to enhance the maximum long term value of data and information assets


Data security

Track and manage data usage according to established constraints



Gain insight and meaning through creative visualisations


Applications development

Combine data, maps, visualisations, models and processes into applications, dashboards and tools


Business process applications and integration

Integrate enterprise systems into business workflows


Analytics and processing pipelines

Systemise data processing and analysis pipelines into production workflows