Controlled temperature aquarium rooms

This facility allows scientists to conduct experiments in seawater aquaria with high-level control over water quality, light, temperature and salinity. Seawater is pumped from the ocean to the facility and processed to provide consistent, high-quality seawater.

These specialised aquaria are used for multiple small-tank experiments requiring critical control of seawater parameters such as pH, temperature and sediment levels. The experiments are designed to look at organismal responses to changing conditions on physiology, microbiology, marine diseases and early life history stages. 

Outdoor aquaria

The versatile outdoor aquaria provide researchers with high-quality flow-through seawater for organisms such as corals, sponges and fish. Light conditions, temperature and seawater filtration can all be independently controlled to provide conditions that closely mimic those on the Reef.

The facility can maintain recently collected samples or can be configured for dosing or temperature experiments on a large scale.