Analytical tools

Analytical tools

Analytical technology

AIMS operates specialised instruments for analysing major elements, trace elements and nutrients in marine-related samples, including seawater, marine sediment and mangroves.

Analysis often requires developing specific methods and/or refining existing methodologies. It provides critical data for researchers studying issues like the fate of nutrients and sediments entering the marine environment.

Biomolecular analysis facility

This facility has two nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers (300MHz and 600MHz), two liquid chromatography systems, each coupled to an electrospray ionisation mass spectrometer, and one of the few Fourier transform mass spectrometers in the country.

This unique facility can separate and analyse many compounds from a single organism in one step, making it a significant scientific asset for tropical marine science.

Our scientists use it to determine the molecular structure of biologically interesting compounds isolated from marine organisms.