This microwave link is positioned 70km out to sea, on the AIMS Davies Reef tower. This mobile phone technology provides an effective two-way communication link, transmitting real-time instrument data to AIMS in Townsville.

AIMS deploys a range of technologies to support autonomous research instrumentation, experimental systems and Internet-of-Things (IoT) based Wireless Sensor Networks at remote locations. This capacity supports communication with surface and underwater systems, and well as unmanned aerial vehicles.

Novel, over-the-horizon, surface-ducted microwave systems link the AIMS Townsville base to reef towers more than 70 kilometres out to sea. These marine backhaul links, backed up by long-range 3G/4G connections, support cost-effective high-capacity, two-way communication to operate and receive data from instruments such as weather stations, temperature buoys, cameras and autonomous platforms.

Secure, above-water networks at key reefs use a mix of 2.4/5 GHz 802.11 wireless and 900 MHz spread-spectrum radio to remotely communicate with Internet Protocol-based observing systems. Below-water communications are provided through cabled and acoustic technologies including long range cabled Ethernet.

AIMS is collaborating with Myriota to develop low-cost, low-powered satellite communications systems suitable for embedded and IoT based sensor payloads. This technology will enable low cost, remote, smart observing systems and platforms, extending the reef network beyond the fixed infrastructure.