Advanced Observation Technologies

AIMS engineers working on weather observation equipment at Myrmidon Reef, Great Barrier Reef. AIMS develops and utilises a range of technologies, including remote communication methods, to monitor our vast tropical marine estate.

AIMS has a 40-year history of innovation in marine observation and is working with government agencies and industry to develop the next generation of automated technologies.

Our researchers and engineers develop novel tools and methods, as well as adapt proven technologies to suit local conditions and information needs, enabling safe, cost-effective research and monitoring across vast swathes of ocean territory.

Autonomous underwater vehicles, unmanned vessels and aerial vehicles, networking and data analysis systems are tailored for tasks ranging from routine biological surveys and inspections, to events such as coral bleaching and oil spills.

New technologies are implemented using our Great Barrier Reef test bed, comprised of four AIMS facilities – the National Sea Simulator, the Cape Ferguson wharf facility, and offshore field sites at Davies Reef and Myrmidon Reef. The test bed supports staged testing before new technologies are integrated with marine observation systems in coral reef or deeper environments.

From concept and workbench, to deployment across Australia’s reefs and coastlines, AIMS technologies are bringing a deeper understanding of Australia’s extensive marine territories within reach.