Noonan, Sam

Sam Noonan

Experimental Scientist
Coral reef ecology
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(07) 4753 4131
+61 7 4753 4131
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I joined AIMS as a coral reef ecologist in 2010. Prior to this I worked on coral disease at James Cook University and completed my Honours research on reef fish ecology.

BSc (Hons 1A) in Marine Biology, JCU, Townsville.

I am part of a research team that examines the ecological effects of ocean acidification on coral reef communities. We use CO2 seeps in Papua New Guinea as natural laboratories to examine how coral reef communities are expected to change under ocean acidification.

I am also involved in other research projects that investigate the effects of declining water quality (light, sedimentation, nutrients etc.), and cumulative interactions with climate change, on coral reef organisms.


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