van Dam, Joost

Dr Joost van Dam

Research Scientist
08 8920 9217
+61 8 8920 9217


Experimental research scientist based at the AIMS-NT (Darwin) laboratory. Trained in the Netherlands (MSc 2006) and worked for research institutes in the Netherlands, the Dutch Caribbean, the USA, Mozambique and Australia (PhD 2013). Broad experience in ecotoxicology in freshwater and tropical marine receiving environments, in particular bioassay and biomarker development, ecosystem monitoring and environmental risk assessment, accented around quality assurance. Strong experience in field data collections and laboratory activities targeting biological stress assessment. Recent work has focused on method development for generating tropical marine water quality guidelines to assist pollution management and enable compliance testing. Research interests sit in the interface between the fields of wildlife toxicology, marine ecology and sustainable development, and are directed at providing applied approaches linking all parties involved.


2013 PhD in Environmental Toxicology - University of Queensland, Australia

2006 MSc in Ecosystem Biology - Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands

  • Development of standardised toxicity bioassays, markers and risk assessment procedures to evaluate ecological effects of contamination issues in tropical marine receiving environments.
  • Ecotoxicology and risk assessment of elements associated with alumina refinery discharge.
  • Ecotoxicology and risk assessment of oil spill dispersants.
  • Understanding combined effects of chemical (pollution) and physical (e.g. those associated with global climate change) stressors.


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