25 June 2012

Image: James Tan

The Australian Institute of Marine Science is preparing to be dazzled by twenty young marine scientists who are each presenting their research at the institute on Tuesday 26th June.

The early-career marine scientists will present their work to colleagues from AIMS and JCU, at the 2012 AIMS@JCU Student Seminar Day. The best presenters will receive funding to extend their science communication efforts at an international conference of their choice. 

AIMS@JCU Research Director Libby Evans-Illidge said the annual seminar day was an important event to not just showcase world-class research but also to give the students an opportunity to hone their science communication skills.

"AIMS is Australia's tropical marine research agency, and JCU is the world's leading university with a focus on the tropics, and together we punch above our weight in terms of science quality.

"It's not enough just to do great science – it's also critical to be able to communicate that science to a wider audience, and this seminar day is a perfect opportunity for the students to develop this skill in a professional setting" she said.

The presentations will cover a broad range of topics including coral biology and disease; marine chemistry; and the biology and ecology of plankton, sponges, fish, sharks and dugong. Many students will put their research in the context of helping to understand environmental stress and change.

AIMS@JCU is a Strategic Alliance between the Australian Institute of Marine Science and James Cook University to join the strengths of both organisations and collaborate in world-class tropical marine research.  The major vehicle to achieve this is postgraduate research projects jointly supervised by staff from both institutions. 

"AIMS@JCU is a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  By focusing on postgraduate students, we are training the next generation of marine scientists at the same time.  It's very exciting to see the calibre of these people, and the work they are producing" Libby said. 

The Seminar Day event will be held at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, beginning at 9am.

For further information:

Libby Evans-Illidge, AIMS@JCU Research Director, 0407 930 865; e.evansillidge@aims.gov.au

Lauren Gregory, AIMS@JCU Officer Manager, (07) 4781 4074; aims@jcu.edu.au

Wendy Ellery, AIMS media liaison, 0418 729 265; w.ellery@aims.gov.au