13 July 2011 - National Sea Simulator

The $35 million National Sea Simulator will allow cutting edge research on tropical marine environments that was not previously possible. By providing control over temperature, acidity, salinity, sedimentation and contaminants in large volumes of water, the facility will help Australian and international researchers determine the impact of complex environmental changes on tropical marine ecosystems. Experiments conducted in the simulator will help scientists assess the potential of marine ecosystems to adapt to change and will assist in development of mitigation strategies for issues ranging from localised variations in water quality to large-scale issues such as climate change. Funding for development of the sea simulator has been provided by the Australian Government through its Super Science Marine and Climate Initiative, with support from the Education Investment Fund, and supports the Government's economic stimulus package. Senator the Hon Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research announced commencement of construction of the facility at the Institute's cape Ferguson headquarters on 13 July 2011. Construction of the facility will be completed by March 2013. Further information can be found on the Ministers website.

13 July 2011