AIMS: Australia's tropical marine research agency.


Assisted Evolution versus Genetic Modification

The announcement of Dr Madeleine van Oppen’s recent publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has received significant media attention. In a brief interview, Dr van Oppen provides further detail about the "Assisted Evolution" approach. Read More.

The Triton that ate the Crown-of-Thorns

The crown-of-thorns starfish is known for its incredible appetite for coral and the damage that it causes on coral reefs. Dr Mike Hall, Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, explains how the rarity of a sea snail may be one reason why the crown-of-thorns is now such a threat to the survival of the Great Barrier Reef. Read more.

Estimating the diversity of life

To conclude this year's Biodiversity Month, we take a look at how close researchers are to answering the seemingly simple question - how many species are there on Earth? Read more.

Ghost nets and Sea Turtles - Threatened Species Day

September is Biodiversity Month in Australia, with Threatenend Species Day falling on September 7. In recognition of this annual Department of Environment initiative, we will be highlighting AIMS biodiversity projects, including this story on the impact of ghost nets on Australia's northern sea turtle population. Read more.

Monitoring Cyclones and Flooding 

AIMS researchers continue to monitor and evaluate the effects of cyclones on coral reefs in Australia