AIMS's research is designed to meet the complex and diverse challenges facing our marine ecosystems, as well as the needs of multiple stakeholders.

Over the next decade we will deliver the research and knowledge that governments, industry and the wider community, including Traditional Owners, need to make informed decisions about the management of our marine estate.

Through our current research plan and programs, AIMS focuses on the following key outcomes:

  • a healthy and resilient Great Barrier Reef
  • sustainable coastal ecosystems and industries across northern Australia
  • environmentally sustainable offshore oil and gas development.

These are underpinned by:

  • Integrated observing systems and robust long-term monitoring of key components of Australia’s tropical coastal and marine ecosystems
  • Strategic and applied research into major gaps in our understanding of the impacts of natural and human pressures on these ecosystems
  • Effective environmental risk assessment and decision tools that drive efficiency gains in evidence-based regulatory regimes and marine industry development
  • Publicly available data and information bases.
  • International research collaborations enhancing Australia’s role in supporting regional blue economies

To achieve this vision, AIMS collaborates with Australian and international researchers, and consults with stakeholders and the wider community. We are constantly innovating—finding new ways to capture, manage, analyse and share vast amounts of information that is collected with traditional tools and new technologies.

The broad expertise of our staff, combined with cutting-edge infrastructure, drives the wide-ranging, large-scale and long-term multi-disciplinary approach that we bring to the challenges ahead.