Investigating how coral reefs are adapting under a changing climate. Photo: L Bay, AIMS

AIMS has a national and global reputation for research on tropical marine ecosystems. The Institute provides the knowledge and information required to underpin the sustainable development and use of Australia's marine resources and to support effective management and stewardship of our marine estate.  As a Publically Funded Research Agency, we provide outcome focussed support for key stakeholders including government regulatory and management bodies, marine-based resource industries, the tourism sector and the general public.  

Our activities are arranged into four science programs in order to ensure that our research has the highest possible impact: 

A Healthy and Resilient GBR 

The GBR program conducts interdisciplinary research intended to provide managers and policy makers with a better understanding of GBR vulnerability to climate change, ocean acidification and interactions with local/regional environmental stressors. A key research theme in the program is the development of a solid connection between baseline research and process studies, leading to modelling and synthesis that can deliver guidance on how management and policy decisions can improve GBR ecosystem resilience.
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Sustainable Coastal Ecosystems and Industries in Tropical Australia 

The Coastal Program delivers science relating to the critical issue of cumulative stressors in a broad range of tropical marine habitats arising from coastal and catchment development, in the context of shelf-scale ecosystem drivers. A key area of focus is environmental change associated with accelerated coastal development, including ports.
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Sustainable Use of Northwest Marine Ecosystems

This program focuses on the sustainable development of marine resources in northwest Australia. Research teams develop and implement monitoring programs, baseline studies and process studies, and develop and conduct innovative research on impacts, risk analyses and scenario forecasting.
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Data and Technology Innovation

This program provides the interface between science and infrastructure management, and in some cases science and users. It promotes innovation through collaboration between scientists skilled in experimental design, response measurement and data analysis with technical specialists expert in technology, data management software and process design and application.
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