Current research activities

The Australian Institute of Marine Science undertakes high quality research for the protection and sustainable use of Australia's marine territory, focusing on Australia's tropical marine and coastal systems.

This research directly supports Australian and state government initiatives such as Australia's Oceans Policy, the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan, the Ningaloo Marine Park Management Plans and the sustainable development of northern Australia's coastal resources.

AIMS has a strong and visible focus on the needs of our stakeholders and in particular the growing marine industries that operate across Australia’s tropical regions. That has led us to establish three key outcomes that will guide us for the next 10 years:

  • A healthy and resilient Great Barrier Reef
  • Sustainable coastal ecosystems and industries
  • Ecologically sustainable offshore oil and gas development.

These three outcomes are the focus of the strategic plan that AIMS has developed for 2014–2024, and our research plan for the coming year, delivered through four multidisciplinary research teams.