Our research fleet helps AIMS scientists to undertake field research across the diverse tropical marine habitats of Australia, from inshore reef work to open ocean explorations.

The fleet includes two large purpose-built ships, the RV Cape Ferguson and the RV Solander, as well as a number of smaller vessels.

Ship schedules for RV Cape Ferguson and RV Solander are listed below.

The Voyage Tracker displays detailed information about current and past voyages including near real-time vessel location, voyage path, summaries and data collected.

RV Cape Ferguson

From To Activity / Destination Cruise leader
5 Mar 24 Mar

Long Term Monitoring Program
Swain and Pompey Reefs, Queensland

Hugh Sweatman
25 Mar 27 Mar Maintenance  
28 Mar 14 Apr

Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) 
Southern Great Barrier Reef 

Craig Steinberg
17 Apr 5 May Hugh Sweatman
8 May 13 May

Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) FAIMS

Scott Bainbridge
6 Jun 19 Jun Moorings
Cairns - Southern Great Barrier Reef
David McKinnon
22 Jun 6 Jul

Keppels - Daintree, Queensland

Britta Schaffelke
7 Jul 30 Jul Refit
Cairns, Queensland
1 Aug 3 Aug Mooring Recovery
Cairns - Townsville
Richard Brinkman
8 Aug 29 Aug Long Term Monitoring Program
Swains / Capricorn Bunker Group, GBR
Mike Emslie
2 Sep 11 Sep FAIMS
Myrmidon Reef
Scott Bainbridge
14 Sep 28 Sep Daintree - Keppels, Queensland Irena Zagorskis
1 Oct 8 Oct Central GBR Line Bay
11 Oct 29 Oct Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) Southern GBR Craig Steinberg
1 Nov 7 Nov Townsville Reefs Craig Humphrey
8 Nov 10 Nov Maintenance  
11 Nov 22 Nov Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) Central GBR Craig Steinberg
25 Nov 14 Dec Long Term Monitoring Program
Northern GBR (Townsville - Cairns)
Ian Miller
17 Dec 23 Dec Long Term Monitoring Program
Cairns Section (Cairns - Townsvile
Sven Uthicke
24 Dec 1 Jan Maintenance  


RV Solander

From To Activity / Destination Cruise leader
10 Mar 23 Mar

Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI)
Kimberley Coast, Western Australia

Richard Brinkman
24 Mar 28 Mar Maintenance
Darwin, Northern Territory
31 Mar 4 Apr
National Environmental Research Program (NERP)
Aligator River, Northern Territory 
David Williams
8 Apr 1 May CSIRO
Timor moorings
John Luetchford
5 Jun 7 Jun Transit (Broome - Exmouth)  
8 Jun 14 Jun Transit (Exmouth - Fremantle)  
16 Jun 9 Jul Refit  
11 Jul 11 Jul Open Day - Fremantle  
12 Jul 16 Jul Transit (Fremantle - Exmouth)  
5 Aug 11 Aug Rankin Bank (Exmouth - Exmouth) Andrew Heyward
13 Aug 21 Aug WA Integrated Marine Observing System (WAIMOS) Pilbara (Exmouth - Exmouth) Craig Steinberg
23 Aug 1 Sep WA Integrated Marine Observing System
Kimberley (Exmouth - Broome)
Craig Steinberg
6 Sep 20 Sep

Indonesian Throughflow (ITF)
(Darwin - Darwin)

Craig Steinberg
21 Sep 28 Sep Maintenance then transit (Darwin to Broome)  
29 Sep 30 Sep Chamber Installation, Broome  
1 Oct 21 Oct Scott Reef Long Term Monitoring
(Broome - Broome)
James Gilmour
24 Oct 5 Nov ARP Shoals (Broome - Broome) Andrew Heyward
10 Nov 1 Dec Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) 1.1 (Broome - Exmouth) Andrew Heyward
4 Dec 6 Dec Transit (Broome - Exmouth)  
9 Dec 22 Dec Ningaloo (Exmouth - Exmouth) K Miller