The AIMS research vessel RV Solander in Western Australia

AIMS is a Commonwealth statutory authority established by the Australian Institute of Marine Science Act 1972.

The Institute has highly developed capabilities in marine biodiversity, impacts and adaptation to climate change, water quality and ecosystem health.

AIMS' research effort is designed to ensure that it is meeting the challenges facing our marine ecosystems and the requirements of our stakeholders.

The Institute's Strategic Directions document shows how AIMS is marshalling its strengths and resources to achieve its goals.

Fisheries, offshore oil and gas, mining, reef tourism and aquaculture industries have all benefited from AIMS research that is geared towards the protection and sustainable development of marine resources. These benefits will underwrite protection of Australia's marine biodiversity and new areas of the economy into the future.

The Institute maintains specialised, world class marine research facilities in support of its objectives. Among these are the National Sea Simulator and AIMS' two major vessels, the RV Cape Ferguson and the RV Solander, which support access to ecosystems across the continental shelf and a fleet of smaller vessels that supports fieldwork near-shore.