Protected and Iconic Species Movement, Distribution and Threats

Objective: Quantify the movement, distribution of, and threats to marine megafauna on the NW Shelf.

Turtles are one of the species being studies as part of the program.






Distribution and BIA validation

3a.1: Pygmy Blue Whales BIA Validation

Offshore vessel-based deployment of satellite transmitters and tissue sampling for eDNA



Offshore vessel-based collection of water samples for eDNA



Offshore vessel-based deployment of acoustic array of hydrophones attached to sea gliders (3)


3a.2: Hawksbill and Green Turtle BIA Validation

Shore-based deployment of satellite transmitters


3b.1: Interaction Between Megafauna and Platforms (with focus on whale sharks and blue whales)

Offshore oil & gas rig-based collection of water samples for eDNA


3b.2: Risk of Vessel Movement to Cetaceans

Desktop data-analysis of hydrophone recordings from Project 1 (above) to determine cetacean diversity and abundance and Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) data to obtain vessel movement information.


3b.3: Risk of Light Pollution to Sea Turtles

Desktop data-analysis of marine turtle nesting spatial ecology. High resolution night-time satellite imagery data (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS)) will be used to assess sources (land and vessel) of light emissions.